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Manufacture and Sale of Wholesale Hand towels

As Özay Tekstil, we generally work on export surplus stock towels, but some companies want us to produce them, and we help our customers in this regard.

Hand towel manufacturing usually consists of several steps. Hand towels are usually made of materials such as cotton, bamboo or microfiber and are usually 30×50 cm, 50×70 cm or 50×90 cm. Here is a general hand towel production process:

Yarn Preparation: Yarns are prepared from cotton, bamboo or other materials.
Weaving: Yarns are processed on the loom to form hand towels. Towels are usually produced with small loops called pile (pile), these loops increase the ability of the towel to absorb water.
Dyeing: Towels are usually produced raw and then dyed into the desired colours.
Finishing: After dyeing, the towel usually goes through a softening process, which makes the texture of the fabric softer. The finishing phase may also include cutting and sizing the towel.
Control and Packaging: In the last step, the dimensions, colors and overall quality of the towel are checked. After the towel meets quality standards, it is packaged to be shipped to customers.

Hand towel sales are usually made in retail stores, by us as ÖZAY TEKSTİL, from wholesale distributors or directly from the manufacturer. Some companies offer customized towels and may print the logo or name of businesses, hotels or restaurants on the towels. Also, some manufacturers do wholesale, which can be a cost-effective option for businesses that need large quantities of towels.

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