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Where are towels produced?

Although towel production is carried out in many parts of Turkey, the most intensive production center is Denizli. Denizli towels have a great reputation both in Turkey and internationally.

There are several reasons for the importance of Denizli in towel production:

Tradition: Towel production in Denizli has a long history and this tradition has been passed down from generation to generation.
Expertise: The manufacturers in Denizli have specialized in producing high quality towels with years of experience.
Technology: Towel production facilities in Denizli produce efficient and high quality production using modern technology.
Raw material: Denizli is located in a region suitable for the production of high quality cotton, which positively affects the quality of towels.

Apart from Denizli, towel production is also realized in other regions of Turkey. However, Denizli is the leader in the towel sector both in terms of production volume and quality.

If you want to buy towels, you can have high quality by choosing towels produced in Denizli. You can also evaluate different options by examining towels produced in other regions of Turkey. As Denizli Özay Tekstil, we would like to help our valued customers with our export surplus hand, face, bath, kitchen, spa and hotel towels produced in our city. Contact us for more information.


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