Wholesale Duvet Cover Set

Wholesale Duvet Cover Set Single Double Duvet Covers

Things to Know When Buying Wholesale Bedding Sets

Duvet covers are a staple in every home, and buying in bulk not only keeps costs down but also ensures you have a spare set on hand when you need it. Here are some important things to know when buying wholesale duvet covers:

Quality and Material Selection

You should prioritize quality when buying a duvet cover set. Materials such as cotton, satin, microfiber are generally used. Each material has its own characteristics. For example, cotton duvet covers are breathable, while microfiber ones are more durable.

Patterns and Colors

Duvet covers are part of the decoration of your bedroom. Therefore, pattern and color choices should be in harmony with your room decoration. You can find the most suitable one by browsing various pattern and color options.

Price and Quantity Comparison

When buying wholesale bedding, it is important to compare prices and quantities offered by different suppliers. Wholesale usually offers a lower cost per unit, but you should carefully evaluate all offers.

Care and Washing Instructions

Caring for duvet covers extends their lifespan. How to wash and care for the duvet covers is another important factor to consider when buying.

When buying wholesale duvet covers, it is important to consider all of these factors. Remember, the best choice is the one that considers both quality and price.

How should the fabric selection of the duvet cover set be?

The choice of fabric for a duvet cover set may vary depending on personal preferences, season and usage. Here are some of the fabric types and their properties:

1. Cotton: Cotton is the most widely used fabric in bedding sets. Thanks to its air permeability, it keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. It also has a soft structure that does not irritate the skin.

2. Satin: Satin bed linen has a shiny and luxurious look. With a soft and slippery texture, satin does not irritate the skin and maintains temperature balance. However, satin duvet covers require more careful care.

3. Microfiber: Microfiber duvet covers are light and durable. As they have a surface that repels water and dust, they prevent the accumulation of allergy-causing substances. They also dry quickly and do not require ironing.

4. Flannel: Flannel is especially preferred in winter because it keeps you warm and has a soft texture. However, flannel can be a little more difficult to care for than other fabrics.

5. Linen: Linen is another natural fabric that can be preferred in summer. It keeps you cool thanks to its air permeability and has a high moisture absorption capacity. However, it may require ironing due to its tendency to wrinkle.

Which fabric you choose depends on where and how you will use the duvet cover. Each fabric has its own characteristics and these can vary according to your needs and preferences.

What is a single duvet cover set?

A single duvet cover set is a set of bed linen, usually designed for a single bed. These sets usually include a duvet cover, one or two pillowcases and sometimes a sheet. Single beds are usually 90 cm or 100 cm wide and single bedding sets are produced accordingly.

The duvet cover protects the comforter, which is placed inside the bedspread, and keeps it clean. Pillowcases also protect your pillows. The sheet is laid over the mattress and prevents your body from coming into direct contact with the mattress.

Single duvet covers can be found in a range of different materials, patterns and colors. They can be in different fabrics such as cotton, satin, microfiber. Patterns and colors may vary depending on your personal taste and the decoration of your bedroom.

The size of the double duvet cover set is 200×220. Sheets are usually 240×260 cm.

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