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Wholesale Fitness Sports Towel

A fitness or sports towel is a type of towel used to wipe sweat during sports and exercise. They are usually smaller in size (eg 30×100 cm, 50×90 cm) and are made of materials with light, fast drying and absorbent properties. Most gym towels use microfiber, cotton, or a blend.

The general process of sports towel manufacturing is as follows:

Material Selection: Fitness towels are usually made of materials such as microfiber or cotton. While microfiber is preferred because of its fast drying feature and lightness, cotton can be preferred because of its high water absorption capacity.
Cut: The terry cloth is cut according to the specified dimensions. This is usually done with a clipper.
Sewing: The cut fabric pieces are sewn with an overlock machine. This seals the edges of the fabric nicely and cleanly and prevents the fabric from unraveling or splitting.
Control and Packaging: Towels pass quality control and are packaged. At this stage, the dimensions, seams and overall quality of each towel are checked. The towels are then packaged to be shipped to customers.

Sports towels can often be customized with the brand’s logo or name and come in a variety of colors. They are often used in gyms and fitness centers, they are also popular for personal use.

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