Wholesale Gift Towel

Wholesale Gift and Dowry Towel

The expression “gift and  dowry towel” refers to the towels that are generally used in Turkey and that are designed to be used especially at weddings, among the dowry towels.

These types of towels are usually in standard sizes (eg hand towel, bath towel, face towel) and are generally known for their durability and easy care properties. These towels, which are generally made of cotton, are preferred because of their high absorbency properties and soft feel on the skin.

Among the dowry towels, it is also possible to find customized ones with the bride’s or groom’s name or initials. If desired, such a service can be provided.

A “gift  dowry towel” is an item often added to an invitation to a young person’s wedding. These towels are often chosen with practicality and durability in mind. For this reason, those that can withstand color fading and frequent washing are preferred.

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