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Wholesale Towel Fabric Manufacturing

Whether you want bouclé terry fabric or finished towel wholesale, we have wholesale sales. The manufacture of terry cloth is a process consisting of several stages. Generally, this process includes yarn preparation, weaving, dyeing, finishing and quality control. Here is a more detailed description of these stages:

Yarn Preparation: The first step is the preparation of cotton yarn, which is the main material of terry cloth. Cotton fibers are combined and spun into yarn. In some cases, different fibers can be mixed. For example, cotton and bamboo fibers can be used together.
Weaving: The prepared yarn is processed on a loom. The peculiarity of terry cloth comes from the small loops (hairs) found on its surface. These cycles increase the fabric’s ability to absorb water.
Dyeing: The woven fabric is usually white. The dyeing process is done to give the desired colors to the fabric. This process is usually performed in a dyebath.
Finishing: After dyeing, the fabric usually goes through a smoothing process. This makes the texture of the fabric softer and more comfortable. The finishing step can also be used to cut and size the fabric.
Quality Control: The final step is the quality control stage. Here, properties such as dimensions, colors, texture and absorbency of the fabric are checked. After verifying that the fabric meets the standards, the fabric is packaged for shipping to customers.

This general process provides the general framework for terry cloth manufacture. However, different manufacturers may use different techniques and processing steps.

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