Wholesale Types of Towels

Towels can be divided into several types according to their use, material, size and style. Here are some types of towels:

Bath Towel: These towels are usually used in the bathroom and are quite large. Bath towels are generally used to dry the body after a shower or bath.
Hand Towel: These towels are smaller and are usually placed next to the sink and used to dry hands.
Face Towel: A face towel is a small towel usually used to dry the face.
Kitchen Towel: These towels are often used in the kitchen and can be used to dry hands, dry dishes or hold hot utensils.
Sports Towel: A sports or fitness towel is a small towel used to wipe sweat. It is usually made of lightweight and quick-drying materials.
Beach Towel: These towels are usually used at the beach or by the pool and usually have larger and more colorful patterns.
Baby Towel: This type of towel is generally used to dry babies. Baby towels are usually smaller and ultra-soft, and sometimes come with a hood.
Turkish Bath Towel (Pestamal): Also known as Turkish bath towel, it is generally light, fast drying and very absorbent. It can be used both as a bath towel and as a beach towel.

Each type of towel serves a specific purpose and each has its own unique sizes, shapes, patterns and materials.

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