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Wholesale 30×30 cm towel manufacturing

Towels measuring 30×30 cm are generally used as face towels or hand towels. The manufacturing process for a towel of this size usually includes the following steps:

Material Selection: Cotton is generally preferred for towel making, because this material is soft and absorbs water well. However, alternative materials such as bamboo or microfiber are also sometimes used.
Cutting: Towel fabric is cut in accordance with the dimensions of 30×30 cm. This is usually done with a cutting machine at the factory, but manual cutting can also be used for small production runs.
Sewing: The cut pieces of fabric are then stitched using an overlock machine. This machine covers the edges of the fabric nicely and cleanly, preventing the fabric from unraveling or splitting.
Control and Packaging: The final process is quality control and packaging of the towels. At this stage, the dimensions, seams and overall quality of each towel are checked. The towels are then packaged to be shipped to customers.

As a side note, it’s important to consider the shrinkage potential of the fabric. This usually occurs during the washing and drying process. Therefore, it is generally good practice to cut the fabric to a slightly larger size during the cutting phase.

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