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Wholesale Black Color Towel

A black towel is a type of towel that is usually made of cotton, microfiber or other absorbent materials and is generally used in the bathroom, kitchen, gym or beach. Black is preferred by some users for its elegance and easy maintenance because it tends to hide stains or dirt.

The general process of black towel production is as follows:

Material Selection: The most preferred material for towels is usually cotton. Cotton has excellent water absorption ability. In addition, microfiber can be preferred due to its fast drying feature.
Weaving: The yarns are processed on a loom to form a towel. Towels are usually produced with small loops called pile (pile), these loops increase the ability of the towel to absorb water.
Dyeing: The towel is usually produced in white and then dyed to the desired colour. For a black towel, black dye is used during the fabric dyeing process.
Finishing: After dyeing, the towel usually goes through a softening process, which makes the texture of the fabric softer. The finishing phase may also include cutting and sizing the towel.

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